Teaching Material

[X-INF585] - 3D Computer Animation

Specialized course on real-time deformation, interactive animation, and physically-based simulation.
  • Students: X3A, Master1/2 IPP IGD, GD1 AI-ViC
  • Language: en
  • Period: January-March, 36h

[X-INF443] - Graphique 3D, Lab Class

Introduction to Graphics Programming with OpenGL, basics of Modeling and Animation.
  • Students: X2A
  • Language: fr
  • Period: March-May, 20h

[X-CSE104] - Web Programming

Webpage description and design with HTML and CSS. JavaScript programming and user interaction. Introduction to server/PHP programming.
  • Students: BX1
  • Language: en
  • Period: February-May, 32h

[Epita-Ani3D] - Animation 3D

Introduction to interactive 3D animation.
  • Students: EPITA Image 3A
  • Language: fr
  • Period: October, 18h

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