C++ Compilation

This page describes in details the process to follow in order to set-up your system to compile C++ code. This process allows to compile scenes based on the CGP library.
General Notes:
  • - Setting up correctly your personal computer is necessary for developing with high efficiency real-time graphics. Using remote development (like ssh -X) that could be possible for non real-time applications is not an option.
  • - If you use a laptop with a discrete graphics card (AMD or NVIDIA), keep your computer plugged when executing your program for full performance. You system may automatically switch to the low-battery usage in disabling the use of your GPU when unplugged (or may require specific change in your GPU graphics settings).

System Installation and compilation

Follow these instructions depending on your system:

Adding new files

CGP projects files are automatically found by CMake (or the Makefile), therefore you don't need to add new files using the IDE interface.

IDE Usage

For Linux and MacOS users the use of the QtCreator IDE is encouraged to edit the code (auto-completion, help for class names and function arguments, easy navigations through the files).